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Data Request

Project STEP UP invites external researchers to request data from the study for their own investigative studies. Details of the data sets and instructions for requesting data are provided below.
Online Student Survey Data
These data were gathered from undergraduate students at nine large, public, research universities in 2010. 1,881 undergraduate students completed the survey. The survey asked students about their experiences in the STEM fields, including pre-undergraduate and undergraduate factors that impacted their decision to enter the STEM fields. The general topics covered in the survey are:
• Respondent Information
• Intended Major
• Current Major
• Reasons for Choice of Major
• Secondary Major
• Changed Undergraduate Major/Initial Major
• Current Grade Point Average
• Pre-Undergraduate Experiences and Information
• College Experiences
• Undergraduate Experiences Continued
• Financial Aid Information
• Plans after College
• Future Job
• Self-Efficacy
• Departmental Climate
• Science Identity
• STEM Recruitment and Retention Programs
• Biographical and Background Information
 A complete list of variables from the student survey can be found here.

Interview Data
These data were gathered through face-to-face interviews with 55 program administrators and directors of STEM intervention programs conducted at ten public, research, universities. On average, interviews were completed in one hour, with two interviewers from the research team per interviewee. Variables included on the program administrator protocol is listed as follows:
• Participant Information
• Background Information
• History and Goals of the Program
• Structure and Support of the Program
• Program Outcomes
• Additional Information
The interview instrument can be found here. 
Due to the nature and in-depth responses from interview data, requests will be approved on a case-by-case basis.
Longitudinal Data
Access to these data was granted to Project STEP-UP by the participating institutions, and was originally gathered by the Mellon Foundation’s Public University Database. These data are not available to external researchers. 
Process for Requesting Data
To initiate a request to use the survey or interview data, please complete and submit the Data Request Form. Incomplete forms will not be accepted. The response time is approximately two weeks; however, more time may be needed depending on the specific request and scope of the study to be conducted. 
Please include the data Checklist of Survey Variables you are requesting along with the data request form, and additional required materials in your application.
Please return the completed forms to with “Data Request Last Name” as the title of the email. If the request is approved, a Data Sharing Agreement must be signed by both Project STEP-UP and the external researcher(s). 
Data Request Form 
Checklist of Student Survey Variables